This is a cross-section of my published and unpublished work. Spanning from when I became a graduate student to the present, it includes papers which I have authored, co-authored, and assisted with.

The Machine Learning Tutorial

Fake News Networks (Poster)

Fake News vs Satire: A Dataset and Analysis; dataset

OP-ED: Is machine learning the future of national security, or the cyber equivalent of the F-22?

[Applying the Turing Test to Comparative Neurobiology – On request]

[Inductive Forcing on Method M – On request]

[Why Ranking and MMR Systems Cannot Self-Witness – On request]

[A Summary of the Burge-McDowell Disjunctivism/Naive Realism Debate – On request]

Masters Thesis for The University of Chicago – Category Mistakes and the Generality Constraint: Can Caesar be a Prime Number? (2013)

[Dice Paper – Pending]

As a researcher affiliated with the Human-Computer Interaction Laboratory at University of Maryland, College Park:
Golbeck, Jennifer et al (forthcoming). “Fake News: A Dataset and Analysis” The Web Conference, 2018.

As a research assistant with the Epley Lab Group at Chicago Booth School of Business:
Schroeder, J., & Epley, N. (2015). The Sound of Intellect: Speech Reveals a Thoughtful Mind, Increasing a Job Candidate’s AppealPsychological Science, 26, 877-891.

Klein, N., & Epley, N. (2014). The Topography of Generosity: Asymmetric Evaluations of Prosocial ActionsJournal of Experimental Psychology: General, 143, 2366-2379.